Romantic balloons arranged at the wedding (Image courtesy of Butterfly Event Styling)

Seeing the balloons on the wedding that are carrying “Pink Bubbles”, will you involuntarily pick up: “The coffee on the banks of the Seine, on the left bank, I have a cup, taste your beauty, leave a lip-printed mouth; florist Rose, who wrote the wrong name, confessed to the balloon, the wind blew to the street, and the smile flew in the sky…” . Its existence is easy to make associations, as if your body is floating in this beautiful romantic place covered by balloons.

Romantic balloons arranged at the wedding (image from Party City)

In fact, the balloon decoration at the wedding is very common, in addition to the fun taste of the photo on the wedding, you can also arrange the decorations in the pre-function area, the dining table, and the dessert area.

Romantic balloons arranged at the wedding (picture from pinterest)

The color of the balloon can be determined according to personal hobbies and mood of the day. Whether it is a colorful balloon or a solid color balloon as a background, it is full of sweet taste, especially the macaron color, which simply shakes the girl’s heart!

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