More and more people are married at the same time. At the moment when they receive the wedding invitation, most people refuse to do so, and they are boring and boring. However, when you see these wedding decorations that make your eyes shine at the wedding, you will feel that this wedding is also very good.

Go to the entrance to the wedding venue and greet you with such a “funny, individual, fun” photo taking area.

This photo was taken, and this wedding trip will receive crazy praise from friends.

The sign-in is no longer just a simple table, just put a little sign on it, but decorate a different “dressing”, colorful origami fan, paper-cut balloons, the unique temperament is amazing.

In fact, among the many elements, metal decorations are the most practical and enhanceable texture. Whether in the Nordic style or in other home styles, the use of metal decorations is relatively frequent. The design-inspired metal decoration is decorated in a fresh and simple home, which can be a good finishing touch.

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