The summer wedding is lively and lively, and the autumn wedding is beautiful and tempting. September and October are another peak of marriage.

Autumn is high and the scenery is pleasant. It is no wonder that so many people choose to marry in this season. With such a beautiful golden autumn background, it will definitely bring a wonderful start to marriage!

To add brilliance to the wedding, naturally, beautiful flowers are also indispensable. In order to implement the basic fashion interpretation method, Xiao Bian has prepared the wedding decoration of “other people’s home”, which can be used as a reference. It is also excellent when used as a wallpaper~

1. How busy people are, how beautiful they are

So many bridesmaids holding a colorful bouquet with the bride standing in a row like a beautiful rainbow, bright and dazzling, look at the photos after many years, it is indeed the best day in life!

2. The simple love is the most fascinating, the same is true for flowers.

Put chamomile, small roses, golden ball flowers and eucalyptus leaves in a square wooden box. The fragrant and fragrant fragrance that surrounds you leads you to enter the marriage hall and harvest a happy marriage.


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