Many people’s impression of the table flower must stay in the banquet, but now many weddings have been using the elements of the table flower to increase the atmosphere of the scene. So what should we pay attention to as the arrangement of the table flower? First of all, we must negotiate according to the preferences of newcomers, how to use the table flowers, and what kind of flowers are appropriate. Secondly, it is necessary to decide what kind of table flower to use according to the environment of the wedding scene. Finally, it is necessary to decide what kind of layout style to adopt according to an environmental situation of the venue at the wedding reception.

[2] holding flowers and body floral

The bride’s bouquet and various body floral decorations are a very important part of a wedding, such as the bride’s bouquet and the flowers the groom needs, as well as the boutonniere of the guests. Even some brides choose to use flowers as headwear, which is a very important part of the body florals that need to be used at the wedding scene, and this part is more and more adopted by many newcomers in the current wedding form.

[3] Road layout

The road refers to some decorations placed on the aisles on both sides of the stage during the wedding. Now there are many new people who choose to use flowers as a guide. The video also represents a symbol of the happiness journey of a new couple to the future, and also symbolizes the love of a new couple and the happiness of life in the future. The layout of the wedding road is also determined according to the overall decoration style of the wedding scene and the layout style of the wedding venue.

[4] Flower booth layout

At the wedding, the flower pavilion has slowly become a very important wedding prop. There are many ways to express the flower pavilion, such as simple type, romantic type, aesthetic type, festive type, etc. The layout of these many flower pavilions is based on the environmental conditions of the scene and the preferences of newcomers. Make a decision.

[5] Pre-function area

The pre-function area of ​​the wedding, as a scene that the guests first saw at the scene, has been increasingly valued by the current wedding people. Because the first time you see the wedding scene, you will be given an impression of the guests, so the pre-function area is very important. We can arrange table flowers on the sign-in table in the pre-function area. Next to the pre-function area, we can set up a photo wall for the bride and groom and a gift placement area. In this area, you can also make a corresponding arrangement of flowers. The style of the arrangement must be determined according to the style of the wedding scene, which can be romantic and beautiful, and can be celebrated and so on.

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