Newcomers usually use the main wedding car as the decoration focus of the team, in order to obtain a good color, so the decoration style of the main wedding car will directly affect the display effect of the entire team, so we must know the decoration of the wedding car in advance when decorating the wedding car. Skills, so that the wedding car can be one of the highlights of the wedding .

Let’s take a look at the main wedding car float picture and the main wedding car decoration skills. I hope that each couple can decorate their most satisfied main wedding car.

First, the flower love type wedding car

Most of the newcomers will use flowers to decorate the wedding car, and some use fresh flowers to decorate the wedding car, but the cost will be higher; others are decorated with fake flowers, not only cheap, but also without the weather.

In all the wedding car decoration styles, the heart-shaped wedding car decoration is most loved by young people, and it can also show the sweetness of new people.

This wedding car is first decorated with flowers in the shape of “love”, and then decorated with green leaves or lace, balloons, etc., very youthful and beautiful.

Second, decorate the wedding car with a doll

The dolls that decorate the wedding car are best customized in advance, so that they can show a unique effect. Together with the decoration of balloons and ribbons, the newcomers will be satisfied.

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