First, wedding flowers

Flowers are an essential item at the wedding, and they create a romantic atmosphere and quality throughout the wedding. The main places where flowers are used are the groom’s boutonniere, the bride’s bouquet, wrist flower, head flower, flowers on the wedding table, flowers decorated at the wedding venue, fresh flowers coming into the air and so on.

Wedding flowers

Second, wedding salute

Salutes are also props that create a wedding atmosphere. Unlike flowers, salutes create a lively atmosphere at the wedding. There are two types of salutes. The salute is placed on the way to the bride, and the small salute is placed on the wedding ground. However, it should be noted that the salute must not be placed in the crowd. Although the strength of the salute is not very large, it is still dangerous.

edding salute

Third, the wedding balloon

Balloons can be said to be the cheapest item at the wedding. Not only can the wedding scene be arranged, but also the wedding arch can be used. Colorful balloons can be used to match the shape you think is the best, making your wedding more romantic. However, it should be noted that the balloon is best decorated on the same day. If the decoration is started the day before, it may cause the balloon to leak at the wedding.

Wedding balloon

It is essential to have your own wedding signpost/signage. The logo made by the name of both parties guides the guests to the romantic wedding venue. There are many forms of signposts/signs, which can be foam boards, crystal lamps, wooden signposts, balloons, and more. The meaning of the wedding signpost is to guide the newcomer to a happy life path.

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