The Nordic style, which is highly sought after by fashion and home circles, has a fresh, simple and even a little cool style and meaning. “Less is more” has always been the rumor that the fashion circle follows, and what kind of wonderful chemical reaction will happen when the simple and fashionable Nordic home decoration elements meet the wedding? Today, let’s take stock of some of the elements of the Nordic style that can be used in weddings~

Metal Decorations

In fact, among the many elements, metal decorations are the most practical and enhanceable texture. Whether in the Nordic style or in other home styles, the use of metal decorations is relatively frequent. The design-inspired metal decoration is decorated in a fresh and simple home, which can be a good finishing touch.

The same applies to the use of metal decorations in weddings, and there are no limitations in form and position, and other decorations will be more pressing. For example, a golden openwork metal decoration with a candle can immediately improve the level of sophistication.

The metal-rimmed lampshade is not only looks good and beautiful, but also has a built-in candle that is windproof and practical.

Metal hollow decoration + green plant is a very net red pair, used to decorate the wedding scene is also very good Idea, green plants can choose cute and exotic succulents or air pineapple.

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